Whether working solo or on a team, your work is transferred across a number of devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Your data on these devices, for instance, documents, inboxes, calendars and contacts must be synced and up to date constantly. However, you might feel reluctant to upload and expose all of this information to a public cloud or perhaps you fear that your Internet bandwidth isn’t quite up to the task. Introducing Monolit Private Cloud to the rescue.



Monolit offers all of the cloud services you require and placed them in a nice little, yet very secure, box. Installing it is as easy as connecting it to the internet router at your office or home and with a few simple steps you are ready to go. Once installed, your data is then safely stored with high level military grade encryption as well as a strong authentication mechanism which will keep any unauthorised users from accessing it. In addition, Monolit provides an automatic backup for all of your data!


Keep all of your devices private and in sync.

Your Data

Document sync. You could start a project on your desktop at home, then continue on a laptop while flying only to switch to review that document on your phone after landing. Work on the device you want when you want. When connected to your Monolit box, the background sync service will update every folder and document.

Calendars sync. Make appointment entries on your smartphone calendar while on the go, and see them later on your desktop calendar back at the office. Option to create as many color-coded calendars as necessary.

Contacts sync. No matter where you meet someone or think to enter a new contact, you can drop them an email from any device of your choosing.

Inbox sync. No matter how many email addresses you use, just set them up once on your Monolit box and then access them from any device of your choosing. Start a draft on your laptop, but in the case that you can’t complete it at that time, leave it for later to finish and send on your phone. You can even sort your inbox when traveling on a train, and then marvel at the organization of it all after arriving at the office. All your email folders will stay in sync.

Our Services

We want this private cloud service to be as painless for you as possible. Run through the setup, keep the box powered up, and you can forget all about it. No need to be an IT pro to do it either. If you can set up an internet access point you can set up the Monolit box.


Set up as many user accounts on the Monolit as you like. We have different size boxes for various needs. Share folders, documents, calendars, address books, and/or email folders with other users. Want to share something with a non user? Not a problem! Just send them a link so they can not only view the information but allow them to upload files as well. This is a convenient solution for files that are just too big or private to email.


No matter the type of data you feed into your Monolit box, it will be kept safe. With several layers of overlapping automatic backup options, you can help avoid data loss which could be due to device failure, theft or destruction. All backups are protected by state of the art encryption.

Device Independent

Monolit uses solid standard protocols for data synchronization supported by all major platforms today. Don't lock your precious work product into only one vendor, use them all with Monolit.


Only your devices can access your Monolit box, secured by trusted SSL certificates. The data stored is protected by strong encryption mechanisms. Any information that goes through data networks is secured by SSL encryption. Best of all, you can even use Monolit in a network without any internet connection and you didn’t need to be an IT wiz for it to work, we at Monolit already did the heavy lifting for you.